Our service portfolio

Our consulting and service portfolio contains

  • Recruitment of qualified specialists and executive staff
  • Development and implemenation of employer branding actions
  • New placement and outsourcing
  • Planning and organization of management audits

Aims of a management audit

  • Specific investments in the “stars” of a company and initiation of a short and long term personnel development
  • Optimization of the qualifications and avoiding of fluctuation
  • Analysis and visualization of the entire potential
  • Essential basis for employee development, salary agreement and evaluation systems

Our management audit

  • Systematic analysis and creation of strategically relevant requirement profiles
  • Pro active and professional inventory of a middle and long term personnel development
  • Recording method of professional prospects of success under consideration of individual ability
  • Analysis of someone´ s own professional development, aims and visions
  • Instrument for an objective filling of jobs

New placement consulting

  • Individual and group new placements
  • Individual location decisions
  • Potenuial analysis
  • Career consulting

Outsourcing consulting

  • Analysis of reduction of cost potentials and optimization of resources
  • Realization of design and monitoring
  • Benchmarking (best practices)
  • Choice of adequate candidates
  • Taking over the complete project management responsibility

Executive search of qualified specialists and executive staff

Our competences:

  • High tech- and semiconductor industry
  • Automotive, mechanical engineering and automotive subcontractors
  • Power supply and energy companies
  • Engineering – heating/ air condition/ ventilation
  • Construction and construction supplier industry

Recruitment and process responsibility

  • Search and addressing of candidates
  • Taking over the overall responsibility for the recruitment process (full service)
  • Presentation of adequate candidates